White-Breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis)

Have you ever seen a nuthatch walk face-first down a tree trunk… or heard its funny ANK! ANK! call?

Although male and female nuthatches look basically the same, males tend to have brilliant black on the back of their heads, while females tend to be more dull. See if you can guess which gender each of these nuthatches are, in this video:

Can you spot the nuthatch that visits this tray feeder with other birds? What does its behavior tell you?

Learn more about white-breasted nuthatches using any or all of the following resources, according to your preferred learning styles.

  • Species Page on this site with images, videos, and links to select webpages
  • Daily Discovery Doors activity just below, with 24 of the top resources including audio
  • Google Classroom assignment for this species, with links to a select few sites and videos

No matter which method you choose, you can easily take notes and save them for later using the FREE editable, customizable, downloadable and printable Bird Species Document Creator Activity!

When you feel more familiar with this species, try some or all of these activities:

1. Take the Species Quiz

2. Create & share your own Species Brief

3. Create your own multi-page Species Profile (**FREE SAMPLE!) using the images, audio, and text formatting provided

4. Fill out one of the species profile spreads in your printed Jo Bird Journal

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6. Add the Square2share or other images and profiles to a folder on your device or in Google Drive, in order to later test your memory of species you’ve learned

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See you there! <<sound of feathers>>

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